Tuesday, February 7, 2017

# 261 Almost Love

Almost Love

When I heard that sound
When the walls came down
I was thinking about you
About you
When my skin grows old
When my breath turns cold
I'll be thinking about you

Seconds from my heart
A bullet from the dark
Helpless, I surrender
Shackled by your love
Holding you like this
Poison on your lips
Only when it's over
Silence it's so hard

'Cause it was almost love, it was almost love
It was almost love

Love Ⓒנαчđeи łeνıeи™Ⓒ  

Featured: SamPoses - Alone With My Thoughts; [Gild] 1shoulder T-Shirts @ The Darkness Monthly Event

Dresscode Jayden:
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) *UPDATE*
[Gild]  1shoulder T-Shirts @ The Darkness Monthly Event
**RE** Sniper Tags
ED. Cory Jeans  Black
..::ILLI::.. Gohan Chucks
tram F1215 hair / HUD-A
Used Pose:
SamPoses - Alone With My Thoughts

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